There is no better way to get a true sense of what a career involves than to speak with someone that works in an occupation of interest. Sabrina taps into her vast network of working professionals to arrange a short, 1-on-1 information interview for the young adult.


Over the years, Sabrina has arranged information interviews with a wide range of professionals including:

  • clinical psychologists

  • forensic scientists

  • doctors

  • medical researchers

  • radio DJs

  • architects

  • interior designers

  • marketers

  • sales professionals

  • realtors

  • occupational & physio-therapists 

  • NHL management

  • municipal politicians

  • writers

  • lawyers

  • software developers

  • engineers

  • dog groomers

  • vets

...and more! If there’s a career you’d like to learn more about, and Sabrina doesn’t already have someone in her network to speak to, she will work hard to find someone appropriate.

And Sabrina can answer a broad range of questions, and provide valuable perspectives on things like:




The parents of a young adult almost always play a very important role in the career coaching process. This is particularly, but not exclusively, true of those that are in high-school or the early years of college or university, when the young adult’s self-awareness may not be well-developed.

Through a series of on-going communications -- face-to-face meetings, email exchanges and/or phone conversations -- two important things happen that can significantly improve the outcome for the client.

For Parents

With the client’s consent, Sabrina shares her observations on the progress the young adult is making, with parents, and what she’s learned about them with respect to possible career paths. Because of her strong bias to seeing the potential in every young adult, and to providing a balanced, comprehensive picture, Sabrina’s insights can be tremendously re-assuring and re-affirming for parents, giving them a greater sense of hope and optimism.

This is particularly valuable with young adults that may not be inclined to share what’s going on during the career coaching process with their parents.

Sabrina McTaggart - Career Coaching for Young Adults - Ottawa, Canada
  • Finding and focusing on the best in your young adult

  • A gap year, and whether it might be right for your son or daughter, and how to get the most out of one. 

  • College vs. university, and their suitability to your young adult

  • Finding summer employment and volunteer opportunities that can help young adults learn about the realities of the workplace

  • How to best support your young adult through the career planning process



Through a series of one-on-one sessions, the young adult gains essential and important insights that form the basis for exploring careers that fit them. 


Discovery & Exploration Comprises:​

>  A series of conversations probing specific topics that are fundamental to career satisfaction

>  Activities and exercises that help extract important insights

>  Completion of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the most trusted and widely used personality assessment tool. It indicates psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions, and it provides insights into common behaviors and can show career choices that fit well with your personality

>  A review and discussion of research the client has completed since the previous session  




The Essentials Package is capped off by a one-hour, face-to-face meeting with the parent(s) and the young adult to summarize the key insights, as outlined in the Career Criteria Report, the outcomes and recommended next steps, and to answer any outstanding questions.

Sabrina's Role

  • Identifies and reaches out to a young professional, ideally of the same gender as the client, and requests the interview 

  • Coaches and prepares the client, as necessary, to ensure the interview is as effective and professional as possible

  • Accompanies the young adult to the interview, and augments the client’s questions with additional ones that might provide greater clarity

  • Takes detailed notes and provides them to the client

  • Debriefs with the client, immediately after the interview, to solicit feedback

  • Facilitates any additional follow-up and communications with the professional

  • Shares the results of the interview with the client’s parents

For Sabrina

Sabrina gains essential and valuable insights from parents into the young adult – for example their childhood interests, observations of strengths, challenges they’re facing, reflections on work ethic and their upbringing, patterns of behavior, and career directions parents may have thought would be a good fit for their son or daughter.

These insights can significantly help guide, shape and optimize the career coaching process.





All of the discoveries and insights made throughout the career coaching process are captured in a personalized Career Criteria Report. This concise report highlights the clients core career-related values, skills they’d like to take advantage of, their work interests and preferences.

It is a valuable resource for clients to revisit and reflect upon, weeks, months and years after the process, as part of their career journey.

Sabrina McTaggart - Career Coaching for Young Adults - Ottawa, Canada




Sabrina’s process for providing career coaching to young adults has been developed and refined from years of experience and successes, and involves these five integrated components: