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Sabrina works with young adults at each of these stages to address their unique circumstances.


Teenagers in grade 10, 11 or 12 must start to make important career-related decisions, and this is a perfect age to begin addressing them. 

And because grade 12 courses need to be selected in the winter term of grade 11, it’s a great opportunity to start working through these issues to ensure teens meet the entrance requirements of the programs in which they're interested.

Questions You're Asking Yourself​

  • What type of work would I like to pursue?

  • What do I need to study to pursue that career?

  • Do I need to take advanced math and science in grade 12?

  • Which schools and programs should I apply to?

  • Which ones are right for me?


You've taken time off (or are considering taking time off) between high school and post-secondary studies to take a break from classroom learning, save some money, do some traveling, and gain experience, before taking the next step.

You have the self-awareness to know that post-secondary school isn’t your most immediate priority. But after months, a year or more away, you may feel no closer to knowing what path to follow than when you began. And with each passing month, semester or school year, you may feel pressure to “get on with life”.

Questions You're Asking Yourself​

  • Is a gap year right for me? 

  • How can I make the most of a gap year?

  • What have I learned that I can apply to the next step?

  • Should I go to college or university?

  • What should I study?

  • Am I ready?


You're at college or university but are questioning whether you’re in the right program. That's not uncommon. You may have chosen a program because of family pressures or by default (“I like sports so I will major in PhysEd”), without really knowing whether it was an appropriate choice, or where it might lead.

Questions You're Asking Yourself​

  • Is this the right program or school for me?

  • What else is out there?

  • Where is this leading?

  • Is it too late to change directions?

  • Can I afford to make a change?


You have a college or university degree, but have not yet worked significantly in your field. You’re not sure what to do with your degree, or aren’t sure that what you’ve studied truly aligns with your interests, passions and preferences. Or, there may be few job opportunities in your field and feel stumped on how to break into the work world.

The prospect of doing a graduate degree may be unappealing, or financially unrealistic. Because of the pressure of repaying student loans on time, you may wind up in a job that doesn’t interest you at all, or end up back living with your parents.

Questions You're Asking Yourself​

  • Where do I go from here?

  • What are the opportunities in this field?

  • Should I do another degree that would make me more employable, or better fit my interests?

  • How do I ensure I don’t end up being a barista for the rest of my life?!

Reasons to Work With Sabrina

  • Experience & empathy

  • Listening & insights

  • Deliberate & thoughtful 

  • Systematic & comprehensive process

  • Individualized & interactive service



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